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Process efficiency support efficiency support​​​​​​Stora Enso's papers have world-class runnability in all common printing methods. We transfer this knowhow by offering a runnability analysis service for printers. Whether starting up new machines or when encountering new runnability problems, our analysis service will allow you to reach smoother print production. For more information please <a title="Contact us" href="">contact us</a>.​
Recyclability testing testing​​​​​Stora Enso has pioneered deinking methods to further improve the recyclability of printed products. We offer the opportunity to test the recyclability of your printed products. For more information please <a title="Contact us" href="">contact us</a>.
Printing laboratory services laboratory services​​​Stora Enso offers the opportunity to do testing with a full scale sheet-fed offset printing machine. The testing service includes technical advice and trouble shooting help from our experts. The lab service contains dampering water analyses, ink analyses and ink, blanket, plate and paper benchmarking. For more information please <a title="Contact us" href="">contact​​ us</a>.