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Stora Enso launches FlyoBrite for retail print

To improve its product range and to meet the requirements of retail customers, Stora Enso is introducing a new product, FlyoBrite. FlyoBrite is based on 100% recycled fibre and provides a great balance between brightness and smoothness, ensuring a glossy printed image and brilliant colours.





"Flyo Papers are the recycled choice for retail print! Made from 100% recycled fibre, FlyoBrite contributes to the circular economy in which nothing is wasted and all materials are used efficiently. Due to its high brightness, super smoothness and enhanced whiteness, FlyoBrite helps products shine!" says Juha Ceder, Vice President, Improved and Book Papers, Stora Enso Paper division.
Today, transportation is a big cost for retailers. The lower bulk of FlyoBrite means that fewer reels need to be transported. Thanks to its thinness, FlyoBrite can help save up to 20% compared to virgin fibre alternatives.
The new member of the Flyo family from Stora Enso, FlyoBrite, is a glossy machine finished uncoated mechanical paper with a higher brightness. Its extra high smoothness gives a glossy impression of the printed image. The brilliance of the colours comes from a better ink holdout property. In short, great printability for short-shelf-life products. The applicable printing methods are HSWO (Heat Set Web Offset) and Rotogravure. Typical end uses are commercial flyers and supplements. FlyoBrite is available in the following grammages: 40, 42.5, 45, 48.8 g/m².

For further information, please contact:
Juha Ceder, Vice President, Improved and Book Papers, Stora Enso Paper, tel. +358 40 273 291

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